Things you should know about your hair

Think again, if you think that you know all the stuff that is to know about your hair. You may get know whether that how to make bangs of your hair or how to make hair shiny at your next appointment with your barber. But on the other hand, there is a lot of weird things that we never think about. If you are a professional job holder, and have a positive personality then you should know this weird stuff so that in next time your gorgeous colleague can offer you a cup of coffee. These thinks will extent your knowledge about your hair.

Hair consistency
Keratin is the basic unit of hair formation, most 80%+ part of hair is consist of keratin, this is a protein that can be found on many other living things like: animal's horns, claws, beaks, hooves and feathers.
Wet Hair
Have think that your hair can be stretch just like a rubber band? Yes, it’s a reality. when your hair are wet, a healthy strand of your hair can be the stretch with 30% of an original size of a strand that is amazing.
Fast growth of hair
If you want to make your hair longer than normal hair, there is a ultimate solution for you, according to new research if your hair grows in a warm environment then your hair will grow faster than normal growth. This happens because heat encourages hair and stimulates circulation of growth. Moreover, visit this post to have a look at hairstyles with fast growing here.
Equal to Blood
Don't think that your hair are dead part of your body, they grow and use food (protein). Hair contains all the information just like the blood. Blood carries the food particle to every part of the body but hair Don't, that is the only difference.
Men and Women are different from each other, you can see the difference from the shape, functionality, and other things. But in case of hair you cannot make a difference between men and women, it means that hair are identical in man and women.
Hair Color

Most of the universe human have black color of hair, black color can found in 87% of total population in the world. whereas brown color can found in 1% of the total population. And you will be shocked that there are 2% people who can be found with blonde.
If a human finger cut off the body it cannot grow again, you have to spend your remaining whole life without that finger or without that body part.  But luckily if one of your hair is plucked from the skin of your body a new one will be ready to grow.
Hair formation
Hair formation is done by 5+ different chemical entities. 50% Carbon, 21% Oxygen, 17% Nitrogen, 6% Hydrogen and 5% Sulphur.
Growth Area

Hair can grow at any part of the body except some of them only that contains: soles of feet, palms of your hands, lips, eyelid and mucous membranes.  

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