Process of downloading and installation of Photoshop

Adobe Systems created graphic editing software called Adobe Photoshop. It is designed for Windows and macOS. John Knoll and Thomas developed this software in 1988. Soon it became the essential tool for graphic designing. Now “photoshop” is used as a verb for editing an image. It can compose and edit graphic pictures in numerous layers. The color models that this software supports are duotone, spot color, Lab color space, CMYK, and RGB. Alpha compositing and masks are also supported. It uses its PSB and PSD formats which can support all the above points. All other graphic formats are compatible with this software.
Other than raster graphics, Photoshop has some degree of aptitude to render, convert or edit video, 3D graphics, vector graphics, and text. There are lots of plugins developed for this software. You can download from the internet and enjoy additional features of Photoshop after installing those plugins. The features are amazingly incredible and updated. With the help of those features, you can do a lot of editing in any Free PSD mockups.

Perfect Image-Editing Tool

It has been a perfect image-editing tool for decades. It has an extensive array of enhanced tools and highly useful and mind blowing Add-ons and plugins that create an essential part of the CS. CS stands for the creative suit. Although there is numerous photo editing software out there, Adobe is the best. Adobe Photoshop is priced above than other similar photo editing software, but it is a true value for money. People tried some other low-cost alternates e.g. GIMP tool, but no software was a match of Adobe Photoshop. Ultimately designers had to re-purchase Adobe because of its vast variety of add-ons and plugins.
However, Photoshop appeared to have listened to its reviewers and started providing the application of CS2 absolutely without any charges. This is an outstanding decision as it indeed stops people from piracy. Now there will be no overloading issues on servers other than decreasing maintenance expenses for an obsolete creation.
There is also a drawback. The sole disadvantage with the provision of this free version of CS2 is that you need a Mac or Rosetta to enjoy all the features other than having an official account on the website. Registration is a must.

Process of downloading and installation of Photoshop

Now we are going to tell you all the Process of downloading and installation of Photoshop:
The first Step is to register in Adobe website.
The next Step is to Sign Up to obtain a fresh ID of Adobe or sign in with the help of your current ID.
It is stated that people registering as a new user require putting data in all the necessary fields to obtain a verification email. You have to click on that link from your email inbox then the link will take you to the downloading page.
The third Step you need to scroll down and stop where it is written: “Photoshop Cs2”.
The Fourth Step is to Click on the suitable download link for Windows or Mac. Then downloading will be started.

The last Step is to note down the serial number coming into view close to the download link in a WordPad. You will need this serial number for the activation of CS2. 

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