Your Height Will Determine Which Watch Would You Be Wearing in Future

I bet you have never heard of this before! It sounds so vague to be true but yes your height can determine which watch you would be wearing in the future. How? Let’s delve into the research study to show how we figured this out.  

Revelations from the research studies

According to Business Insider, it is predicted that a taller person would live a better life financially. A six feet tall man would be earning nearly $166,000 over a period of thirty years of his career. This makes him live a successful, happy and contented life.
Another study reveals that   every extra inch that a human being gains increases the likelihood of becoming an entrepreneur. Hence, it means that being taller improves your chances of being an entrepreneur. Some people do stretches to grow taller in order to become attractive employers as their heights give them the dominant hand in any sort of relationship.
Study conducted by Bloomberg showed that tall people are also likely to earn roughly around $789 every year for every additional inch. 
These studies show that the relation of height with thought of the financial life of an individual is positive. The higher the height of a human being, the greater there are chances that the person would attain a good position based on his capabilities and skills.

Other factors effecting the growth of a kid

An individual’s childhood background can also impact the height growth process. It can give you (or take away) at least three or four inches away from you.
As height makes a men look more attractive and robust, so it make sense when employers prefer to pick tall employees as compared to a short guy. Tall height shows that a person is healthy and contains enough strength physically as well as mentally. Especially for jobs or tasks that require strength and strong body, taller people are always preferred.
A significant factor that can add inches to your height is based on the diet and nutrition that you follow in your childhood. Genetics is another important factor that hampers the growth process of growing age girls and boys.
Overall, the impression these studies portrays is that height plays an important role in the wellbeing of individuals. Getting taller means better opportunities and financial benefits. The probability of landing on a good job also increases. A person tends to get a life partner of his/her desire. Hence, there are plenty of benefits of being tall and one should be happy and contented with life for the additional inches that he or she has been blessed with. The more financially successful you will be in your life, the probability increases for wearing Rolex.

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Shajee Aijazi

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